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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

We will be offering other specific training too, be it Hypnotic Gastric Band Training,setting up gatherings where we can talk about working with children or in Palliative care settings, Meta questioning workshops, signing up to our newsletter will mean that you have details of workshops and times and prices and locations of these workshops before they are published on the website. If there is anything that you would love to learn about that has not been mentioned here then JUST ASK!

Other Training Available...

Past Life Regression Training...

We will be offering past life regression training groups in addition to peer support and by joining our mailing list you can find out when and where we will be running these groups from. Although past life regression has always been fascinating and had a lot of interest, it is certainly gaining momentum now and definitely worth having the skills to carry out a session and to have this in your arsenal of techniques. Again, just get in touch using the contact form and I will get back to you within 487 hours with details of the next one or to let you know that your interest has been logged and we will let you know when the next one will be running. 

Peer Support with Tracy and me guiding the group costs just £15 for 2 hours. We have managed to keep the cost low because the number of groups we are running- every month. When you wish to join us and our group then just let me know through the contact page on the tabs above. 

Peer Support is an essential part of your ongoing professional development. It is so important to connect with other people in the field to evaluate your work and maybe you will find a way of working that you had not thought of?!​

Peer Support Groups last for 2 hours, though we expect you to be here slightly early so that you can benefit from the full two hour session, there will be drinks and snacks at each group and space to sit and talk about whatever you need to. These Peer Support Groups will count as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as recognised by the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register)​

In addition to the therapeutic services I offer, I also work with a Peer, Tracy Jones -you can find her Facebook page here:  

-to offer group Peer Support Sessions for qualified hypnotherapists, both qualified to Diploma level and to an Advanced level, which will be running for small groups each month. These are informal events where you can get to meet other people working in this fascinating field. Each month We convene with a minimum of three and a maximum of eight (so spaces are limited!) to talk and get other peers’ perspectives and ideas on the ways we are working. If you have a difficult client or something that you have not come across before, or if you want to come and talk about something that you have achieved that is fabulous then this is the place to do it!  

Professional Development...

One-to-One Professional Supervision

I offer One-to-One Professional Supervision and am accredited by the GHR as an Acknowledged Supervisor to do this. If you are looking for support and ways to move forward and improve your work then give me 

Hypnotherapy Training Courses