Live Your Abundance :

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Jayne: *****
This was the first time I've had hypnotherapy, it was truly amazing! Lucy is excellent, made me feel safe, comfortable & enabled me to journey within & work on some challenging situations. I recommend Lucy, she is to be trusted & her skills valued! Thanks Lucy.

Ziggy: *****

Jennie: *****


Here are just some of the wonderful pieces of feedback I have had from a few of my clients over the years. If you would like to add your testimonial to this list please just email me or use the contact form including a rating out of 5 stars.

Lorraine: *****Three sessions with Lucy and 600 miles later, I feel I have come so far to overcome my fears. I couldn't have done it without Lucy's continued support on my journey and am finally feeling proud of my achievements. Thank you Lucy from the bottom of my heart! 

Yasmin: *****I would highly recommend Live Abundance Advanced Hypnotherapy. I felt relaxed and comfortable and able to share what behaviors in wanted to change in terms of eating healthier foods. Lucy helped me explore and evaluate these behaviors and alternative behaviors I could use to find my new healthier me! I now feel more confident and happier reaching my new normal!

Mike: ***** Wonderful positive vibes for all!! I am moving forward faster than ever, thanks to Lucy and her big heart x

Heather: ***** Had a fantastic session. Have waited a while to see how I feel before reviewing. Lucy has definitely made a difference to me and I cant wait to have another session in another couple of weeks.

Matilda ***** I have had a very successful treatment from Lucy to help me with my work. 
I cannot recommend her work highly enough. 
If you are thinking of having a hypnotherapy session then give her a try

Cassy: ***** have now had two sessions and have nothing but very positive feedback to report. My primary "trigger cravings" have been reduced in intensity, and I am feeling very positive in the results that are beginning to emerge. Lucy as a hypnotherapy practitioner brings a confident, self-assured, and insightful professionalism to our sessions that can only serve to improve the emergence of the desired results. Definitely recommend, and will continue to post feedback as the journey progresses.Type your paragraph here.