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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

advanced Clinical hypnotherapist

​I have led a very colourful life, both in my art, my language and my experiences and I think that it helps me to bring a lot of life experience to the table when I am treating other peoples’ issues.

Essentially, life is beautiful, scary, wonderful, awesome, challenging, exciting and a real roller-coaster! I have lived with my own mental health issues for most of my life, but now, rather than letting them own me and hold me back, I use my experiences to bring the best of myself to the people I treat and the people I choose as my friends. My disability has turned into a positive tool for me to use and for that I am truly grateful. In fact I am truly grateful for many things in my life. My dog, my partner, the roof over my head, the food in my belly, my loved ones, my passion and talent for being creative and loving and empathic…

I also offer sessions through Skype so if you are not in the West Midlands Area then feel please contact me to arrange a session, I have helped innumerable people with my Hypno-skills and their dedication combined both face to face and over skype and would love to help you too

Life is good!

I have my own set of spiritual beliefs mostly based around the universe and nature, although I would not describe myself as being a religious person, at least in the typical sense, though I do hold strong spiritual beliefs and am open to discussing these as well as hearing about others. I am by nature inquisitive and curious and open minded to pretty much any possibility that presents itself. I am very much a ‘go with the flow’ type of person, though I can be a very passionate, hot headed fireball when I am in the face of injustice, regardless who it is being played out against, man or beast.

​​I enjoy writing and reading poetry and love language in its many beautiful forms. I am a dab hand at amusing people with my (somewhat dreadful) versions of regional accents and love to use humour a lot in the hypnotherapy sessions that I provide. I am a lover of words and enjoy weaving them into beautiful metaphor and story telling as part of my work and am working on writing articles and a book at present. I am also an Artist, I paint and draw somewhat sporadically at the moment due to my studies taking precedent over most other things. I have just started a BA Hons in Drawing.

I have a loving partner who I have been with for the best part of six years with whom I share the love of a small dog called Molly. She is the apple of both our eyes and is a loving and intelligent little soul with heaps and bags and masses of personality- and a bit too intelligent for her own boots! I thoroughly enjoy training her to do lots of tricks and she seems to enjoy it too, especially when there’s a gravy bone at the end of it!

We are currently coming to the end of our Garden growing season and are reaping the rewards of our abundant harvest. We are enjoying all manner of vegetables that we grew organically in this first year of our gardening adventures, and a bumper crop it has been too! Beans, squash, courgettes, potatoes, parsnips still to come, cabbages, leeks, peas, radishes, sprouts again still to come, broccoli, all manner of herbs and spices,  lettuce, beetroot all now pickled,  kilos and kilos of tomatoes and cucumbers, with which we have made jam and ketchup! Tomato jam really is delicious, make it your mission to try some! We have been finding loads of new recipes to try out and are eating like kings, it has been an adventure that we both have enjoyed immensely and would recommend back yard allotment growing to anyone who wants to give it a go, it's easier than it sounds!

I am an Clinical Hypnotherapist, qualified to Advanced Level, AdvDipHyp, AdPr, DipHyp, CMH CPNLP, currently training in CBT to further my learning and skills. I love to learn and read about the subjects that I enjoy so much. I am an avid reader of articles, books, academic research and strive to be the best that I can be.

I treat a majority of complaints with clinical hypnotherapy, ranging from problematic skin, blushing, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, overeating, I do hypnotic gastric banding, weight management and weight loss, smoking cessation and phobia recovery. I have a special interest in working with children and children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders who are verbal, as well as working with people at the end of their lives with terminal illness and palliative care., and also working with adult survivors of childhood abuse, letting go of grief and guilt, and dealing with PTSD symptoms.

I also have a deep and grateful love of past life regression sessions which seem to happen a huge amount of the time... I think with the world consciousness being so threatened by war and politics and so much hate, that people are turning more and more to spiritual leanings to comfort themselves during trying and frightening times.

I love doing past life sessions and they NEVER fail to amaze me. I have worked with one on one clients, groups and pairs of clients too, and am passionate about bringing what I have learned to other hypnotists and groups of clients in workshops which I will be running with my friend very soon!

I have had amazing successes working with clients with chronic pain and significant phobias and fears and love to work with all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds and with all manner of experiences.

I also love to write and write every day almost without exception- unless something unforeseen interrupts my morning routine!  

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