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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

All this sounds fabulous! How do I book an Appointment?

What sorts of issues can I deal with using Hypnosis?

There are so many things that can be treated using hypnosis! The simplest way we can use it is to help you to relax and sleep better and improve your mood. Being in a trance is a wonderfully relaxing feeling and is absolutely brilliant for sorting out your sleep and relaxation issues. It doesn’t stop there though, there is so much evidence to support the fact that hypnotherapy can help and even completely eradicate unwanted behaviours such as Smoking, Overeating- hypnotherapy for weight loss, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Self Confidence, Phobias, Fears, OCD, Pain, Nausea…. It can help with the pain associated with Childbirth, Cancer Treatment- for example the Pain, Nausea, Fear, Anxiety and Grief that goes along with it, it can assist with letting go of Old or Complex Grief, Guilt, Anger...

There has been a lot of information in the press recently about Hypnotic Gastric Banding and this is also something that I offer. I can help with feminising and masculinising of clients who are pre and post op transgender. It can help children, adolescents and adults with unwanted behaviours and to bring out more desired behaviours. Bed Wetting, Nail Biting, All these can be things of the past! Children and adult who have needle phobias, or clown phobias.... pretty much anything you can think of that is bothering you can be eradicated or very much improved through the hypnotherapeutic process. 

If you have an issue that I have not mentioned, then just get in touch with me using the "Contact Me" form which you will find under the tab with that name at the top of this page. Or you can call me on the number also on that page, or email me from our own email account. I will get back to you within 48-72 hours to let you know if I can treat your particular issue or whether I need to refer you to someone else. You can come and see me for a first session which includes a free 30 minute consultation with NO OBLIGATION to continue with even your first session if you decide not to. we will use that time to discuss your issues and decide if Hypnotherapy with me is the right avenue for you at this time. 

How quickly will I see changes in my behaviour?

It depends very much on your unconscious mind, and is as much to do with how motivated you are to change as it is the work that your hypnotist has done with you. Every client that I have treated comes out of their first (And subsequent!) sessions feeling much better than they did before they came. Hypnosis feels wonderful and often it is the first time that my clients have properly relaxed in a long time! Results of the desired change however can be different for different people. Some people, for example, who come to stop smoking, find that they never want a cigarette again after just one session, other people need a few sessions, some people will find that their eating habits are suddenly and permanently changed others need more sessions. Usually if a problem is complex- and they usually are- being tied into lots of different emotional and mental processes, several sessions- about 4-6 are enough to make huge changes in the way you feel and behave. If you come into the hypnotherapy session expecting that I will ‘cure you’ then you will be disappointed. The work that is done is all in your unconscious and can only be done if you want the changes to happen for YOU. If you are doing it because your boyfriend/girlfriend has told you that unless you give up smoking or get over your fear of flying then they will leave you- unless you REALLY want to do it for yourself too, then it is unlikely that any number of sessions will be successful. Like any therapy, you have to WANT to change FOR YOURSELF. If part of your reason for changing your habits is because you want your kids to see you healthy, or not smoking, or being more active, then as long as part of the reason is because YOU want to change then the chances of success are very much improved. If after 4-6 sessions things don’t seem to be working then you maybe are not with the right hypnotherapist, or maybe there are deeper reasons that your unconscious mind has to keep you from changing. I will discuss progress throughout your sessions with you and between us, we will decide whether this is the right thing to be doing or if you need to be referred to someone else or try a different kind of therapy all together. 

What if I get very upset? Will I be able to ‘wake up’?

Yes! As your unconscious mind has a very important job in keeping you safe and well, if you get very upset, something that we call an ‘abreaction’, I will help your unconscious mind to get to a place of safety and peacefulness within a trance and if necessary wake you up. Your unconscious mind will ALWAYS wake you up if you need to, like if a fire alarm went off or there was a very loud unexpected noise like the ceiling falling down! Your unconscious mind will bring you back to the here and now straight away to do its very important job of keeping you safe. Even if you are in a very deep state of trance this will ALWAYS happen, you might feel a little bit disoriented or spaced out, but very quickly you will be back to normal and things will feel the same as they did before, if not better.


Well this is interesting, and doesn’t always work for everyone. It is sometimes dependent on your belief system and sometimes your unconscious mind will hold a belief that your conscious mind isn’t aware of. For example I have had clients who have told me prior to a past life regression session that they don’t believe in past lives, that they are just curious, then when they are in a deep state of trance their unconscious mind allows them to access their previous- or even future!- lives easily and the results are fascinating! Sometimes someone’s unconscious mind doesn’t want them to have a past life experience and this is something that will be discussed prior to your session. If, for whatever reason, your unconscious mind decides that a past life experience is not right AT THIS TIME, then I will do some work with you in something else instead. You will always discuss the possibility of this happening before hand and decide what to work on instead if you need to, like improving confidence, or lessening anxiety for example. The process of getting you into a trance and working at an unconscious level is exactly the same whatever type of work you are doing. 

When we access the unconscious mind directly we can do so without your conscious mind making excuses for behaviours or trying to protect us from changing them because your unconscious mind wants to keep them to keep you safe! If we bypass your conscious mind and go straight to the boss- your UNCONSCIOUS mind, then we have direct access to the part of you that has the tools to make lasting and healthy changes to your lifestyle and happiness. Did you know that when you were five you saw your Grandmother smoking a cigarette and seeming to relax after a stressful event? Well your unconscious does! And so it seeks to copy that behaviour because according to what it remembers, having a cigarette makes you calmer! So we talk directly to that part of you so that we can re-program it to have new ways of achieving that relief from stress, or that reward for doing a good job or sidestepping that irrational fear of balloons! ​

unconscious mind basically has one job- to keep you SAFE. So all those weird and wonderful ways that we behave in are exercised for one main reason- TO KEEP YOU SAFE!!! 

Why do we want to connect with your UNCONSCIOUS mind?

Basically if we can connect with your unconscious mind then we can have access to the part of you that controls unwanted behaviours that you are consciously wanting to stop having, or access to your desirable behaviours that you want to have more of. For example, it is your unconscious mind that decides that you ‘need’ a cigarette when you are stressed, because it remembers that in the past when you have felt stressed you have had a cigarette and then you felt calmer. Or maybe when you have done something really important and completed a task it is your unconscious mind that wants to ‘reward’ you by eating that chocolate bar or bag of crisps, or that sugary drink of vodka and coke! It is also the part of you that controls fears and phobias, because somewhere in it is stored memories or experiences that have shaped the way you view the world. It remembers every single one of your childhood memories- even the ones your conscious mind can’t remember! So when you have an unexplained phobia of water or driving, your unconscious mind will hold the key to the origins of that phobia, or the beginning of the reasons why you smoke or the reasons why food is used as a reward or  indeed  even punishment ~ Your unconscious mind basically has one job- to keep you SAFE. So all those weird and wonderful ways that we behave in are exercised for one main reason- TO KEEP YOU SAFE!!! 

Hypnosis means that your conscious mind- the bit that makes all the conscious decisions, the part of us that is aware of what ‘is’ in the present moment, like ‘I am reading this sentence’ or ‘I am wondering what hypnosis is’! is temporarily ‘switched off‘ so that we can talk to your unconscious mind!  When you are in a state of hypnosis we BYPASS this part of your mind and connect directly with your Unconscious mind- the part of your mind that drives you to have behaviours such as smoking, overeating, undereating, not having motivation or having motivation to do certain things. Our unconscious mind is responsible for things like breathing, our heart beating, our organs working, our basic drives like hunger, thirst, tiredness, hot and cold feelings, needing a hug or suddenly feeling angry for ‘no reason’. ​​​

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is "a relaxed focussed state of concentration" . When you are awake and going about your business with full awareness, such as cooking the dinner, or writing an essay, or even reading this sentence, it is the part of you that is aware of these things that is your conscious mind- your awareness at the present moment. You are aware of something on the outside as well as some specific mental functions happening on the inside. For example, you are aware of your environment, maybe as I mention it, you are aware of your breathing, or the chair that you are sitting on.

The unconscious mind, consists of the primitive, instinctual wishes as well as the information that we cannot access. Although our behaviours might indicate the unconscious forces that drive them, we don’t have easy access to the information stored in the unconscious mind. During our childhood, we acquired countless memories and experiences that formed who we are today. However, we cannot recall most of those memories. They are unconscious forces (beliefs, patterns, subjective maps of reality) that drive our behaviors.

About Hypnotherapy...

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

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You can get in touch with me in a few different ways. I have a contact form on this website which has a tab at the top of the page and you can send me a message directly from here, or you can email me from your own email account if you prefer. I also have a telephone number you can call which is available until 8pm most days unless I have plans, then you can text or leave a message. You can also get in touch via my facebook page which you can find here:

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I look forward to meeting you!

How do I ‘Wake Up’ after I have been hypnotised?

It’s very simple. I will wake you up by basically doing something like counting from one to five and telling you with each number that parts of you are physically and mentally waking up. Usually this is how people are brought back to full conscious awareness. Sometimes other techniques are used, but they are basically pretty much the same. Your unconscious mind will be asked to move aside and your conscious mind will be invited to wake back up again. For nearly everyone this is a little bit weird, it really does feel lovely being in that hypnotic state, it is very relaxing and feels very good! Being woken up sometimes feels a little bit sudden and most people need to have a good stretch and a yawn to get their body back in ‘awake’ mode and most of the time people report that they feel really good! Like they have had a good night’s sleep and feeling invigorated and relaxed and ready go all at the same time. The most important thing is that you wake up feeling better than you did before you were helped into a trance, and this is pretty much always the case. Hypnosis feels good, so, you will feel good afterwards! It is normal to feel a little bit teary if you have done deep work and quite often after a past life experience people will feel a bit teary, but this generally doesn’t feel sad or distressing, it feels like a relief and like something heavy has lifted. If you feel teary I will offer you a tissue and you will have a few minutes to centre yourself and ground yourself and we will chat before you leave. 

Can You make me do things that I don’t want to do?!

No. Your mind has lots of very complex and clever ways of keeping you safe. If you wouldn’t normally want to do a bungee jump or a sky dive or rob a bank (!) then your mind would stop you from doing these things even if I was telling you that they would be a very good idea! When you see people on stages doing silly things like seeming to think that they are naked or acting like a chicken, this is because there is a part of them that wants to behave that way before-hand. These people have some level of desire to do something silly in public and act and do daft things, if you are not like that there is nothing that I can do that will make you act in any other way. If you actually WANT to do a skydive but are feeling too nervous, then I would be able to work with the part of you that does want to jump out of that plane and make it stronger and easier to access. But as for doing things that you really don’t want to, be reassured that your unconscious mind will keep you safe- just like it is programmed to do!

HOW do we GET into a ‘HYPNOTIC STATE’?

​Your hypnotist will talk to you for a while about the reasons that you have come to see them, whether that is to stop smoking, or to gain more confidence, or to be able to sleep better, and uncover the reasons that you might be experiencing those problems. Then you will be asked to get yourself comfortable either lying down, or sitting in a normal chair if you prefer, and they will use one or a few of a variety of techniques to help your body to relax and then your mind to relax. This might be by talking about different parts of your body physically relaxing and then your mind doing the same, or it might be by doing something physical like having you hold your arms out and noticing how heavy or light they feel and allowing your mind to relax as your arms do. There are a lot of ways of getting you into a hypnotic state- or a ‘trance’- and your hypnotist will use the ones that they feel are the most appropriate after talking with you. If something doesn’t seem to be working very well then they will move onto something different. We call this part of the hypnotherapy session the ‘induction’ and it is part of a series of stages that will enable your unconscious mind to make some changes to the way you behave.

​​Your unconscious mind is VERY creative so it already has the tools to do all the things that you want to do, like control physical pain, decrease anxiety, improve sleep, build more confidence, breathing clean healthy air instead of smoking, achieving your healthy comfortable weight instead of overeating, taking a walk or joining a swimming class instead of sitting and scrolling through Facebook for hours! Maybe  Writing that book that you always wanted to is what you will achieve... having the confidence to change careers, driving on the motorway instead of taking ages by going on all the B roads, joining that club or group to explore things that you are interested in or have a talent for, or sleeping better at night- after all, the word "hypnos" is the Greek word for "sleep"! Or simply feeling better than we did before our hypnotherapy session!​